Perguntas e respostas conversação IV

I’m afraid there aren’t any buses to San Francisco from here.
Maybe there’s only one train that goes there.
Are there tickets for less than twenty dollars?
Are you going to play baseball with us?
There’s a field near here where we can play.
In baseball, there are nine people on the field.
We should be going to lunch soon.
There aren’t many Americans ins this restaurant
This is a German restaurant
Could you bring me a glass of water, please?
Would you like some ice in your water?
No ice please.
Is there going to be a soccer game today?
There are two soccer games today.
There were no games yesterday.
I am afraid there are no more tickets for the game.
How many tickets will you need?
I will need three tickets.
There is a virus in my computer.
Can I try to access the internet from your computer?
There is no internet access from this computer.
You won’t mind if I talk to him, will you?
Why should I mind?
Because he is your brother.
When he was a boy, there was no e-mail.
Well, when he was a boy there were no computers.
Was there color TV when he was a boy?
She is afraid of dogs.
There are a lot of dogs in this park.
There weren’t many dogs here yesterday.