What Happens Inside a Computer?

When we sit down at a computer, we type on a keyboard which is one of the means of inputting data. And when we type on this keyboard, each letter or number is converted into a series of 0s and 1s. This binary language is what the computer understands.

After being converted into 0s and 1s, the data are then changed into electrical impulses which travel over a cable to the computer, where they are stored in memory. Each computer word, called a byte, is assigned a place in a memory cell to await processing. The data, now in the memory cells, are acted upon and processed according to the program being used.

The output, or final result, is then achieved and converted back into numbers and letters, which is displayed on TV screen or printed on paper by a printer.




Keyboard= teclado

Binary language= linguagem que o computador entende, composta de zeros e uns; linguagem binária.

Travel= passam de um ponto para outro

Byte= oito dígitos binários; oito “bis”

Assigned= given = indicado, especificado

Achieved= accomplished = alcançado

Printer= máquina que imprime; impressora