Perguntas e respostas I

Her e-mail is P R I underscore L A @
I didn’t write the underscore.
That is why it didn’t work
When are you going downtown?
I’m not sure yet.
When you go, I’d like to go with you.
Did you make an appointment to see the dentist?
No, I didn’t. I didn’t have time today.
But I’m going to call him tomorrow.
Are you going to her wedding?
Yes, I am.
I am going to buy a new pair of shoes for the wedding.
When are you going now?
I am going to the game.
Can I go with you?
Her name is hard to remember.
We’re not going to call her by her name.
Doesn’t she have a nickname?
What’s he trying to do?
I don’t know what he is trying to do.
I think he’s trying to delete the files.
Should we believe him?
I think we should.
I don’t think we should.
Who should talk to her?
Nobody wants to talk to her.
I think the boss should talk her.
Who could see my laptop?
What is the matter with your laptop?
I don’t know. It just stopped working.