Perguntas e respostas conversação II

Could she understand him?
She couldn’t understand him very well.
They’re going to be good friends.
That woman is going to marry a foreigner.
How do you know that?
They are already talking about their wedding.
What is your material status?
I am not married, I am single.
But I am going to get married this year.
Can I have some aspirin please?
It’s too bad you have a headache.
I don’t have a headache. I have a toothache.
They traveled with their backpacks.
They couldn’t take a lot of things.
Where are they going?
Today we’re going to study about Sweden.
Please underline the new words in the text.
Should we begin?
Today we are going to have lunch at a restaurant.
Would you prefer fish or meat?
I would like some fish please.
You won’t believe what he did today.
What did he do?
He tried to use my login and password.
The driver couldn’t come today.
What’s the matter with him?
He is not well.
His aunt in going to marry an American
When are they going to get married?
After they finish school.